Vision Change

Organizations that have successfully weathered change processes also have a genetic message, your Vision – Mission, values, identity that guide giving a north amid the turbulence of change. But it is the very organization that learns, are the people that make up who can make a learning process and only from there you may experience more coupled groups and teams, solid and powerful. Today, the reality in which we live presents increasingly fast changes and most of the disciplines related to the change aimed at developing the ability to accept and adapt to change, but the excellence and extra-ordinary results occur when the learning regarding the change is about developing the ability to anticipate and even design it, that’s when you start talking about the SER. Historically, the ability to change in organizations has been working since the development of technical capacity of its members, the focus has been in the making, today introduced a new paradigm, instead of working to make learning through the SER. In the SER is thought feeling and action intertwine, each of these three aspects are interconnected being influenced and influential of the other two. The ability to change is a skill that can be learned and paradoxically this process to learn to relate to the change, is itself a process of change. For this reason the processes of change as learning have something in common, can touch very sensitive point in every person, to question what we think feel and do often have an impact on our self-esteem, our narcissism, our omnipotence, our self-centeredness, hence the emergence of defensive routines to these processes . Work the BEING means accepting who I was thinking about being up here, allowing me to question my story, my experiences, my knowledge.

Accepting that and has a dynamic life changing and I am also changing the “way of being” that brought me here will not necessarily be the one to take me where I go. Today we are not the same people who were long time ago, simply because today we feel or do as at other times we’ve done. Not that this means that today we are better or worst “than before. Therefore, if change is inevitable and the people we are today are not the same as those that will be tomorrow, if everything around us changes and we also, why not accept the challenge of designing that change?, designing and committing here and now to be being, neither more nor less than those who want to be. Perhaps then the situations of change instead of being places of anguish for a future not know what will be transformed into present moments in which to dump all of our creativity towards the future we want to live.