Lena Meyer-Landrut: Criticism Is Louder!

How narcissistic is the Grand Prix winner? Lena Meyer-Landrut (19), winner at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and former flagship Hanoverian is increasingly under criticism. “Her appearance in betting that?” last Saturday was unsure and affected. Constantly, the brunette beauty tugs on your hair, unusually often looks at the monitor, which is emblazoned in front of her embedded in the table. Frequently Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has said that publicly. (TNN) Lena wants to look beautiful, well come on over and be loved, it is also narcissistic? Who so often depends on the actually invisible to the audience monitor control looks, can really only be the latter. Video under (beware the recurring looks after front below). It all started once so beautiful. “Only the erdrutschhafte victory at the Grand Prix, at the beginning of the year, then the 1st single satellite”, which occupied Europe top chart positions. Their nerve parade started shortly after Oslo, back when radio stations they situations mercilessly.

On the question to whether Lena would be ready, the title here next year “” to defend, also in Germany, she replied at the time: sichi “, a diminutive of the word”. The radio station played this sichi”each several times in a row, and then so often that even hard-minded Lena lovers in droves of them ran. She’s not that innocent, after all she has with this wave of antipathy swagger even only provoked their patch, played and she no longer will get rid of the ghosts who called them. The Hanoverian anyway, they acknowledged no applause showed the cold shoulder her clearly. Reason is also a faux pas to wear by itself the 19 year old, they had agreed for Berlin as the venue for the upcoming Eurovision contest.

Hanover, their hometown, thus wasn’t their first choice, in this regard. That alone but doesn’t matter yet the gain in Lena opponents. People are obviously fundamentally fed by their not more genuine acting articulation. Truthfulness will just not play and maybe she learn that even in their Acting lessons. Next April is Lena large before perhaps half occupied ranks Hallen tens of thousands-once on tour, shortly after her then 18 times has sung against itself (media report). The self love follows ala Stefan Raab probably a self-promotion, he is still her mentor.