Hugo Chavez

In general, crosses the world with officiality rank the informed version of which violating dictators and of the human rights have been defenestrados of the power by their own town. The triumphal list of the Revolution of colors (that is for overthrowing dictators, as it were said) seems to request to shouts the head of Hugo Chavez, so much more whatever the popular support of this president constituted a serious reverse for the conspiracy in his against in the 2007. Resltese, in addition, to clear, that the call youthful resistance Yugoslavia.

(OTPOR) that adviser in Venezuela from year 2005 overthrew to Slobodan Milosevic (of where phenomenon seems to take this coloridsimo) (picture is seen arrives). And it dgase that, after the one of the same Milosevic in Yugoslavia, of the Revolution of the roses (Georgia, 2003), Revolution Orange (the Ukraine, 2004), Revolution of the tulips (Kirguistn, 2005), Revolution of the cedar (Lebanon, 2005), Revolution of the jasmins (Tunisia, 2010), the one of Venezuela would have to be called Revolution of the white hands, supposedly for the coming year. And it does not have to save to the analysis the conceptual construction of this phenomenon, apparently unbeatable in his implementation, with record of 6 governments already overthrown in one decade, besides other 5 bankrupts attempts (white Revolution, saffron, green, Twitter): the word student (like woman, boy, rose, peace, etc.) belongs to the paradigm of clean, tender, defenseless, progressive, human the target, in opposition to the stigmatised ones black, dirty, gross, attacking, Barbarian and cruel, respectively (to Violet celebrated them Vine with this song: What live the students).