Corporate Information

Sites for raising brand awareness industries company distributes its products through distributors, can create a web site for the branding and software distributors and relevant information on products. These sites complement other ongoing company activities to stimulate sales. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. E-commerce sites through sites e-commerce sales made through the Internet on a professional level. The main characteristics of e-commerce site are: 1.Detalnaya information products and services, accompanied by illustrations, and sometimes multimidiynymi presentations, drawings, diagrams, etc. 2.Korzina that buyer needs to be able to choose an item from the list to complete the purchase 3.Platezhny gateway is required in order to buyer can pay for a product or service portal Corporate portals usually called the corporate Web site, offering a wide range of resources and services such as email, forums, topical news and Article zone for registered users, etc. Portals are designed to provide information and implement the interaction with customers. B2B portals, B2B portal is a platform on the internet where buyers and sellers communicate, collaborate and make business deals. The main task of B2B portal – provide the user with a portal that has the functionality to effectively manage business processes through the Internet.

Private B2B portal may include a CRM center, trading floor, commercial and procurement chain and other components for managing various business processes. Planning a Web site to create a site to make a plan taking into account your objectives, target audience and resources. Plan can be written as a script or block diagrams, which should reflect the interaction of all the necessary components of your site. .