The Behavior Of Quantum Particles

The quantum universe is based on the constant movement of particles and to have a base of this behavior is important for its understanding. In a small circular quantum chain the particles if put into motion in the diagonal direction with acceleration zero and one, this movement is equal always and this is its dynamics. It would be a plan of one I circulate with a X in the center and the particles cover this plan in equal movements. Ohio Senator is likely to agree. This small quantum chain all simplifies of the universe therefore the totality of the universe is equal to this small chain and its energy divisions are enclosed in accordance with the necessities of division of the universe since the same it would not support to only have a chain for all and its division in chain is a physical necessity. To understand and to foresee the behavior of particles are a great advance therefore the same ones directly influence in the physical world and mainly in the sensible side and sensorial human being and of the materials. With the agreement of particles it will be able for example to improve the psiquiatros remedies where it makes remedies that if the behavior of particles or the mind would incase in would be expert of the movement of them and thus its universal position would be attractive and rational to the external plan what it would facilitate the recovery of the sick person. edge base. Another efficient point would be the time where foreseeing the movement of the particle the forecast of the time would be more accurate and scientific.

The Proposal

A typical example is the visa in the reutilizao of aluminum, that for if dealing with an extremely important metal of the economic point of view, being also an important source of income for many families. When we buy a product, it possesss an initial function that was the reason of its purchase. With elapsing of the time (that it can delay days or years) the product loses its initial function and is played in the canals reverses to be revalorizado of some form or to be taken to a final disposal insurance. These products of after-I consume will be able to originate from durable goods or dismissable and reverses to flow for canals of reuse, disarrange and recycling until the final destination. Logistic reversa of after-I consume will have to plan, to operate and to control the flow of return of the products of after-I consume or its constituent materials, classified in function of its state of life and origin. In use conditions, industrial End of useful life, and Residues.

In the case of good of after-I consume dismissable, having logistic, technological and economic conditions, products are returned by means of the canal reverse from ' ' Industrial&#039 recycling; ' , where the constituent materials are reaproveitados and 3 will consist in secondary raw materials, that return to the productive cycle for the corresponding market. Conclusion: When developing this work, was possible to understand that logistic reversa has an important paper, generating resulted ecological and financial. The proposal presented in this work has as objective to display the logistic system of reversa of the aluminum can. The aluminum can always can be recycled infinite times and return as can. The benefit of the recycling reduces the consumption of energy for the production of aluminum, preserves the environment and puts into motion the economy, generating jobs and source of income in the collection and promoting the education of the citizens for the sustainable development.