State Company

Snake much tax and the industrial if sees forced to practical the spurious ones to compensate the robbery in the box with the State being been unproductive partner of the enterprise. The second guilt fits to the proper way to manage natural of the majority of the national companies always directed to one or another illegal or illicit activity to generate more profits. Unreported funds, for example. I believe that 400% of the companies for here they use and they abuse the cunning to escape of the taxes. Not that I am against this, quite to the contrary. Until survival question because the State collects insanely and spends everything wrong what it falls in the col. Any form, the plant of the enganao left the control and is the clowns of the Pimpolho circus as always.

Time in when it circulates in the Internet archives PPT showing what it rolls of more common and that many already know: the decoy of the metragem of the hygienical paper, in the weight of the packings always modified for less with the maintenance of the prices, volume of less, ice excessively in the congealed ones, air in excess in the packings, watery tooth folder with half of the hollow pipe and folders excessively causing excess in the hour to shed the product in the tooth brushes. The list is enormous. This company whisker has if shown she accustoms in these practical to roll its customers. Amongst other cunnings that the company created I can cite some: alteration of the weight of milk in dust of old the 440 current grams for 400 grams without discounting of 10% that the company left to plant in the cans, weight of the bars of chocolate old 200 160 grams now only grs without the discounting of the weight that was not packed. Already it requests the company behind times that she directed me its spread sheets of calculations to prove the inexistence of the discountings versus what was not packed or planted.