Social Services

With this the aging is conceived as integrant and basic part of the trajectory of life of each person. Of this phase they emerge characteristic proper, resultant of the experience that if fits while formador element of the personality of the aged one. The social paper exerted by the aged one is excellent in the determination of the aging, for the fact the same to be subject to the life way that the people have taken as well as the current conditions where if they find. The present patriarcal regimen in the majority of the societies until some decades, assigned in character of tradition the aged ones, the social function of heads of the familiar clans, withholding freedom for taking of decisions on the familiar life and its individuals, decisions of which the offspring, as well as its descendants accepted with respect.

Thus, all attitude that if applied as obedience absence, of care or disrespect stops with the ancios was characterized as worthless action leading to the proper rejection of the agent on the part of the society. (GAIARSA, 1996). The parents have the duty to attend, to create and to educate the lesser children, and the children biggest have the duty to help and to support the parents in the oldness, lack or disease. (art. 229, CF/88) the transformations of social scope as the acirramento for more possibilities in the work market contributed strong for the dissolution of these patriarcais mechanisms of familiar structure, attributing aged to a new paper, in the figure of the dependent adult of attention it specifies of health and social assistance with the purpose to mainly guarantee a life with more perspective for the propensity to the constant diseases acometem who it, as well as for abandonment situations the one that frequently are displayed, determining in greater or minor degree, the complexity of the relations of the individual with the society that the fence.