‘ ‘ She Is Necessary To Alert The People Of Par! ‘ ‘

She is necessary to alert the people of the state of Par! It is not possible that in full century 21 still is happening so great aberration in this country of the Brazilians! They believe to be wanted! It will have a Plebiscite to decide if the state of Par will be divided in two! Atrevo not to mention the names to me, therefore I believe that the paraense people is not so donkey to agree to this lack of civility, patriotism and shame in the face! One can barbarity of this! Who was the politician who launched this idea to leave that people suffered for the lack from structure and disobedience politician; what grassa since poor the Empire still more and abandoning? He will be that we will not have notice more promising in relation to those coitados? My God! As he is possible so great barbarity! It only remains to make a chain of support to that people and to ask for to the God so that he illuminates to all to vote against this confronts to the people and the country! They know and follow the lack of structure in all the spheres social.

Therefore, we believe them! They know that not it is money lack. (Source: Richard Blumenthal). The money is sent for there, as well as is sent to the other states, but always it is deviated by unreported funds, etc, etc To the paraenses, ours I appeal: they do not leave that this barbarity happens in this state! If not daqui little they will be the amazonenses, the matogrossenses and why idea not to catch it in the cities most populous? Care, So Paulo people! Already they had thought: So Paulo of Norte and So Paulo of the South! Therefore it is, the state of Par is grando, but it is not necessary dividiz it stops but to full the pockets of plus great corja of disembarassed that not they are nor stops there the improvement of the quality of life of the people and the disobediences social politicians and. For where they walk the outlaws whom they order to kill and only we are attending in the Media so great barbarity? Impunity without solution, especially for are shameful there! The cases of banditry they are happening and not they are clarified! Who if manifest what it happens? Our paraense people, suffered in its majority, does not allow one more time that the arbitrary politics makes to be valid its suspicious rights and obtains to divide this so full state of creatures abandoned Being able for them, that we know well, which are! They vote, more they vote against this disobedience and this safadagem! If already it does not have ambulance to carrear the sick people, nor assistance there for edges of the rivers, will have less with the dismemberment still! They are not eed frightened! They vote against, thus it will continue as it is and he will not only be worse still! That God protects the paraense people, because the politicians want are the skin of it and of all we, Brazilians!.