Second World War

As a result, after the Second World War, a period of confrontation between Satan and the Angel of Laodicea Church (USA), who after the defeat of Nimrod and weakening the power of Satan is the most powerful archangel on Earth. This, of course, contributes to the fact that, while Satan is at war with Nimrod, the U.S. virtually participate in their wars and have the opportunity to discreetly for many to build their own power. Simultaneously, the angel of Laodicea Church remembers and the plan of the Queen of Heaven (Mary), of her courtiers, promoting implementation of its plan, such as Michael and Adam. But seeing the impunity of Satan and Nimrod, being under the influence "of the virus of Darkness", the angel of Laodicea church is beginning to doubt that this plan will ever be reality and work. And only just in case, to avoid severe punishment during a possible trial of the Overmind (God), he decides to clothe their actions in the framework of concern for humanity and to appear before all people as the savior of the world from Satan. This, of course as he considers himself, gives him the right to claim the world crown, and to support the further order of the world to become its ruler and king. But he does not know that Thyatira Church (Islam) is the bearer of Light on Earth. Archangel Laodicea sure that even at the expense of corruption and violence, but he can make the world a rich and prosperous, although not without cruelty, violence and injustice.