Saratov Interregional Environmental Prosecutor

In accordance with the order of the Attorney General of the Russian Federation of 09.09.2002 54 "On the delimitation of the competence of prosecutors territorial equivalent military and other special prosecutors" in Saratov interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office charged with supervising the execution of laws aimed at protecting the environment and environmental rights of citizens, local governments, their officials, which are located or operating in the Volga river basin (within the Saratov region), as well as the conformity of laws issued by them acts. In this regard, Saratov Interregional Environmental Prosecutor's Office carried out the study legal acts issued by local governments for compliance with their federal environmental laws. Sen. Sherrod Brown has firm opinions on the matter. According to the assistant prosecutor of environmental inter-district of the Saratov Litvinov, AS during the past period of 2007. Prosecutor's Office have been challenged legally nonconforming 31 legal acts of local self-government of the Saratov region, 20 of which are currently listed in compliance, 11 are under consideration..