Russian Federation

The list of such evidence in this legal act is not specified, nor does it specify the method of proof of such a relationship. This list is indicated in another normative act – Guidelines for the design of inheritance rights (approved by decision of the Board Minutes of the Federal Chamber of Notaries N 02/07 27 – February 28, 2007)., 27-28, 41 clearly show the rights of a notary to produce identification heir, verification of documents proving kinship. This applies equally degree as an inheritance by will or inheritance under the law. With only one significant difference: if the legatee can not provide such documents, the notary public has the right to issue a certificate of right to legacy under a will without it the degree of kinship. And if the will does not spelled out the degree of relationship with the heir, the latter can produce documents proving this relationship and indicates in the notary certificate degree kinship. Obviously, the documents proving this relationship must be present in the genetic case as at its formation (based on preliminary analysis), and at the end. In accordance with the Rules Notary production (approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of November 19, 2009 403) in preparing the finished hereditary cause for the temporary storage (p.140) (eg, when the actions of a notary appealed to the court) in case sewed several documents, including documents proving the basis of inheritance, including the documents of the degree of kinship or copies of them.