Russian Armed Forces

Talking about these threats came in connection with his statement that a complete translation of the Russian Armed Forces to the new organizational structure will be completed by December 1 this year. As of June 1 this year, half Army, including the Army, has been translated into the new structure. Massive changes are needed in the first place because their pre-reform Russia’s army and navy, in the opinion of the Chief of Staff, could not adequately respond to major threats, which he took the U.S. military and NATO have repeatedly superiority in conventional forces in all strategic directions. Moreover, the Chief of Staff believes that Georgian forces now armed with a “better than during the August 2008 aggression.” And the Baltic countries and Poland, complained Gen. Makarov, persistently demand to punish Russia. It is not easy, he said, folding relations with Ukraine, whose leadership is seeking to enter the country in the North Atlantic bloc.

According to the chief Genshtba in the Ferghana Valley is focused “more than 60 unresolved territorial claims of countries which have interests in the region. ” In these circumstances, Russia needs to have the Armed Forces that could adequately respond to the threats of the modern world. General Makarov also said that “to be very a lot of work in the Arctic, to our national interests were protected there. ” “There was also many new challenges and threats”, – said the army general.