Representation Politics

The QUALITY OF the REPRESENTATION POLITICS IN BRAZIL the environment politician, in recent years, has if busy more with the internal disputes of being able of what with the reforms of the laws, which are indispensable for the development of the country. Excellent to mention, that the elective offices had exceeded the simple ones, but important, ' ' status' ' , of a temporary public office; for, sources of influence and financial acquisition to become. This situation incited strikes them politicians, a clear demonstration of covets of individuals in the perpetuation of its power with the college given for the victory in the elections. In this manner, it has been observed, with the corruption of the ethics and the moral, the improper use of the power, in the concession of positions to ' ' supported polticos' ' , as well as in the manipulation of the legislative process for personal ends. Being thus, the State keeps its sina – to spend financial resources with the remuneration of politicians; much of them, not condizentes with responsibilities and the importance of the position. Read more here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Also, one adds here, the high sum of mounts of money destined to each elect politician in the formation of its team and cabinet. Moreover, valley to stand out the relations that involve the public sector and the private one, by means of contracts in the licitations and partnerships, which, innumerable times, have served as instrument of corruption in suspicious businesses. He is evidenced the abuse and the illegality of the popular representation, that if valley of a privileged position for, exemplificativamente, committing infractions and irregularities with illegal adjustments, of proclamations and contracts, that definitive companies favor; arriving itself until the fraudulent actions for shunting line of mounts of money you publish. Of complementary form, the absence of creation and alteration of the laws hinders the development of a State (that it intends efficiency), in order to make front to the current necessities for the growth and state modernity. Still, the incompetence must be led in consideration technique of significant parcel of politicians, which, equally, makes impracticable solutions to the bureaucratic subjects, desgastantes and weak of the state activity and professional Brazilian; many of which they bring damage to the population. They are cited, as harmful situations to the citizens, among others, the following ones: difficulty in the contract cancellation; responsibility in the transmission on property; lack of communication and information enters the public agencies by means of integrated system. Therefore, the State lives a representation crisis, where the disputes politics have preference and prevail on the construction of useful norms to the society. The particular interests and the lack of knowledge technician cause difficulties the modernization of the State and the good quality of life of the population. The change of these situations occurs with the awareness of the politician of whom its work has as end the proper person and the society; with the natural evolution of the being human being in the desnecessidade of material survival with the politics and the power; also, with a bigger popular participation in the claim of compatible behaviors with the function, as well as, in the adoption of a profile, of politician, more adjusted the responsibilities that the public office demands of its representatives.