Reference Procedure Case

If the compromise was accepted, shall be recorded in the Book of reconciliations that each court will take the effect, leaving on the record. If the proposal is not accepted, will extend the formula describing raised record, mentioning also the part that did not pay their conformity to it. If the verdict gives equal or lesser right than that proposed in the settlement and was rejected, you rejected it imposes a fine of not less than two nor more than ten units of Reference Procedure, except in the case of food processing , in which case the court may reduce the fine on the defendant and the amount that is ordered to pay in sentencing. This is not a minor fine, as it can get between six hundred and eighty new soles (S /. 680.

00) and three in 1400 nuevos soles (S /. 3,400. 00) for the simple fact of not having accepted the proposal that can carry the judge to sentence, the risk of falling into this expenditure is eliminated, if simply not attend the hearing, that is the standard promotes absenteeism to conciliation court. In this respect the problem is created by the wording of the standard sanction for non-acceptance of the proposal also collided with the principle of autonomy which governs the making of agreements, encourages absenteeism. One would have expected that if you wanted to punish the malicious litigant, be penalized in any case, failure to attend the hearing, as in the reconciliation of work, where the measure is rather efficient effects.