Rating Firm

Tuesday, April 12, the year I read the article by Mr Carlos Basombrio, who writes in the newspaper Peru 21, and a fragment of one of its paragraphs I read something that made me think a bit about these latest General votes for President of the Republic. The fragment reads as follows: we recall, for example, that Humala was fifth just three months ago and Toledo first, with Castaneda and Keiko fighting second what happened then? (Always like analyze things from personal experience). My vote was always from the beginning by Castaneda. And I don’t think being the only one with this decision of electoral stability, but yes I think it is the large minority that feels this way. Because the vast majority of electors is voluble, volatile, unstable politically speaking.

Easy to manipulate and deceive. If the electoral emotional stability of the town were strong and concrete, had reached the run-off Toledo with Castaneda, and would not be through this trance. But now what we expected for the second round? Electoral stability? If I say that you vote for Humala, I argue it until the day of the elections, and if I say that you vote for keiko, also argue it until the day of the elections. I think that we must be firm in our decisions and respect above all which do not think like us. And not get unnecessary confrontations. This time unlike the first round our consciousness we judge whether we were wrong in the voting. Because there is no turning back.

For example: my vote was not by Humala in the first round, because Humala in his Government’s plan says that it nacionalizara (estatizara) the Camisea gas. Then my conscience already not can be manipulated, wanting to tell me otherwise. The State does not have much money to invest in the exploration and exploitation of this natural resource. And it must also bear in mind that with this gas could be thermoelectric to allow energy rates to save. Eye that should not be confused with liquefied gas, this gas If it is imported and is therefore more expensive. It should take into account that this was done in Bolivia and was a total failure. e situation. For that and many other things changing the subject, just adopted the draft law on the crossing. But, standard, in addition, makes the caveat that it will not be bankrupt in this conduct those who deviate from an organization as a result of their ideological or political differences or because it adopts decisions contrary to the principles and approaches that were in force when he was elected. Forgiveness? What are we talking about? It is that, upon entering a political party, I must accept your partisan doctrine not? Or that parties are talking about? Parties who are fickle in their doctrine? Frankly I don’t understand or michi. On the other hand the national jury of elections (JNE) will organize a debate between Humala and Keiko. The question is also this time, the candidate of Peru WINS will be devoted to read and read, nothing more? Hopefully that does not.