Professor Contemporary

As the Michaelis dictionary (2006) identity I congregated the set of proper characters of a person, what it is considered exclusive of it, as this must be recognized. As it must, as necessary to be recognized. Depth is observed it that locks up this definition. How many ideas and possibilities of analyses can deflagrar from this. directing for the professor could be asked as desires to be recognized? How occurs this construction of identity? It is the professional professor? She is another professional who also exerts the docncia? Or he is the professor who exerts another profession? That place this professional occupies in the organization of the society? Camargos Anastasiou they affirm that: The professor profession, as the others, emerges in data context and historical moment, as reply the necessities presented for the societies, acquiring legality statute. Thus, some professions had left to exist and others had appeared in the current times. Others acquire such legal power, that they are crystallized, the point to remain as practical highly legalized, with meaning mere bureaucratic.

Others do not arrive to disappear, but if they transform, acquiring new characteristics to answer the new demands of the society. (Camargos Anastasiou & Pepper – the 2005) and professor if fits in this context, in this social organization, therefore the education occurs in the reality which it is inserted. This professional will not go to invent a proper space to exert its profession to the default. It is in this historical dynamics and is in this complexity that the identity of the professor if constructs. The authors cited previously to if relating to the construction of the professional identity disclose that this if it on the basis of constructs the social significao of the profession and also in the revision of the traditions.