President Uribe

I don’t have my hands stained in that fact, he said. The terrorist was presented at the fourth brigade headquarters military in Medellin by the Director of the Administrative Department of security (DAS, intelligence), Maria del Pilar Hurtado, and by general Mario Montoya, Commander of the army. The Colombian authorities considered that his surrender was another blow against the FARC which said the own Karina, are cracked. Karina surrendered last Sunday along with his sentimental partner, identified as Michin, after agreeing with the Administrative Security Department (DAS, intelligence) that released smoke signals that reflect it with a helicopter, which arrived along with her daughter, a girl. Karina admitted during his hearing that they had encircled and that had no solution but to surrender. He said, moreover, that it is not responsible for most of the crimes that are charged and that not ran 47 front for two years.

This detention was one of the priorities of the President alvaro Uribe, who five years ago thus pointed to military commanders. There is a Lady of the FARC, called Karina, in the East of Caldas, to be trapped, said the President at the time. The so-called 47 front hit the departments of Antioquia and Caldas, in the rich coffee region in the West of the country during the last decade and is totally decimated. The Colombian authorities offered a reward of one million dollars by Karina, which came twenty-four years in the FARC, which was also known as Janet Mosquera Renteria. Karina said: this fight is not gained by the middle of the war, there is dialogue, was the sentence addressed to the head of the forces armed Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) Pedro Antonio Marin, alias Manuel Marulanda Velez and Tirofijo.

He invited the guerrillas to changing the lives they lead within the guerrillas, which are incorporated into the plan of reintegration into civilian life of the Government. His delivery was already planning it and it is said that the guerrilla spoke by phone with the Director of the DAS, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, who advised him to think about what would be the future of his small son if she was still breaking, the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo published. In fact, their contacts with the authorities began since the end of April. In a visit to Manizales, President Uribe fumbled a couple of phrases that surprised everyone. Said Karina, the guerrilla more feared and bloodthirsty of the FARC, which if decided to surrender would have all the guarantees for his life. With its delivery on the sidewalk La Soledad in the municipality of Algeria (Antioquia), the puzzle of the offer of Uribe was armed. Karina, who was considered a kind of Rambo, within the guerrilla decided to put an end to nearly two decades in the war and finally surrendered to a Commission from the DAS that he travelled to Algeria (Antioquia) to convince her to give the final step is complete. Are the questions what will happen in the FARC? How will they react to this reality? What will be the fate of the hostages who remain? How it seriously affects their operability, on the stage of combat that keep? Will this be the end of the FARC? Original author and source of the article.