Prague Address Entity

Proposals on the subject directly in Prague, a large number. However, how to make the right choices and not get into a situation where later discover that at this address until you have already registered 300 people. In the best case your documents will not be accepted and you will take to register with the police. In the worst circumstances, a full scan of your stay in the Czech Republic and the subsequent possibility of real deportation to the country from which you came. Advise you to pay for maximum attention to this issue in connection with innovation and increased inspection regime of foreign nationals residing in the territory of the Czech Republic, after its entry into the Schengen area with 21.12.07g.

To use the provided personal residence address or registered address (Sidlaw “), your company requires safeguards. They are only available to organizations that are not one-year grant this type of service, working on a formal basis with the citizens and organizations of the Czech Republic, which in turn provide its properties to rent. Annual fee varies greatly and depends on the guarantees provided by the address and delete it from the city center. First, for registration of residence through an open entity in the Czech Republic you need to arrange a lease on the address of your company. The question is very relevant, especially because of the receipt of all mandatory correspondence that comes to you, as a legal person, and you as a leader of the government structures the Czech Republic. All letters and inquiries after receiving necessary response director or a responsible representative to basis of a notarised power of attorney. Periodic checks of addresses of companies listed on foreign nationals are taking place in the foreign police. This is done by sending a letter with a call Director to give an answer to various questions.

The second your address – is the address of your personal residence. Your registration at residence (rental) – the original problem to be solved within 5 working days after your arrival in the Czech Republic on the basis of long-term visa. Registering you are obliged to produce at the police department for foreigners, to which your address. When you receive a residence permit in your passport police officers stamp indicating the exact address. Advise you when applying for a residence permit to apply for a personal identification code (“rodne number), it is assigned to an alien in during the year. Receipt of your correspondence address and, accordingly, the response to it, and the presence in the case of a call is very important for a foreigner legally residing in the territory of the Czech Republic. Require designer lease (or individual) and guarantees of security of all incoming correspondence in your name if your departure or simply a temporary absence.