Planning Strategical Future

Also the importance of the constitution of an only educational system for all the policies and other agencies of the public security. Continued this system will feed the requalification of the policemen, making possible the dialogue enters the institutions of public security, surpassing antagonisms and the exacerbada competitiveness (TO SOUND, 2006). It would import it of the continued requalification of its agents if it makes to feel in recent years for the failures of the actions of the security guard because the violence does not stop to grow. The media every day shows in manchetes the setback of the security lack. The indices of homicides are high and the solutions of these, low. In synthesis: The question of the security guard is complex, multifactorial and therefore it needs to be analyzed, to be diagnosised, to be designed strategically, to be evaluated and monitored, respecting it diversity through a boarding explicitada for the understanding of that the phenomena need to be contextualizados and to be articulated.

2.3 Because strategical planning the Planning Strategical it is a tool of unquestionable importance for being an uninterrupted, systematic and complex process. It is a way to make with clear explicitao of the intentions, well delineated values guiding the politics and with vision of future through action alternatives. This process observes some organizacionais and ambient condicionantes, therefore it possesss diverse and multidimensional characteristics, being directed the constant revisions and alterations, objectifying the gift and the future, the integration of diverse levels and sectors of the institution, the anticipation of events, chances/threats.