Perfect Government

Because It has the keys of the Life and the death, and however, he uses its free-will to benefit to all the Peoples. This is the government that each Human being must want to be able to know itself deeply and to know the GOD DEMOCRATIC generated who it in the Power of its Eternity. Government 16. It had in the right hand seven stars, and its mouth it left a sharp sword to it of two gumes.

Its face shone as the sun, in its force. 17. As soon as the vi, its feet fell as dead. It, however, placed on me Its right hand, saying: Not subjects; I am the Alpha and the Omega, First and the Last one. 18.

I was crucificado, but here it is me here: I am alive per the centuries of the centuries, and have the keys of the death and the hell. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 1:16 the 18. The Government continues Same in the other plans, But mismanagement exists, Even under cloths. Who can to govern the mind of the creature Who if stains In the disfigurement Of the Laws of the Construction? GOD knows each Being and knows what he goes to make Without it knowing. GOD Governs each person in its interior Well, Therefore he was there that he placed, the Laws of the Pure Love. Nobody is astray In its Universe, GOD created the Human beings, With a Perfect Manifesto.