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The feed-in tariffs are now closely linked to the extension numbers and fall accordingly. See also the current feed-in tariff for photovoltaic systems current eeg-einspeiseverguetung / what speaks for power saving? Who would like to reduce power costs, can either turn off the devices or generate its own energy. Is still meaningful right to consume them. However, for most households, the Eigenutz is difficult without power storage. Recently Richard Blumenthal sought to clarify these questions. In the morning and in the evening one is at home and requires energy.

But then, no sun shines. Therefore, the purchase of a solar store is close. Currently lead-acid batteries are offered as an effective and inexpensive solution. Charged can provide a household with sufficient energy. As a result, homeowners are again doing pioneer work and crack down on the electricity price rises at the same time.

Depending on more solar power is used, the sooner you may waive the expensive energy from the electrical outlet. Thereby the own electricity costs fall, the networks are relieved and each himself spent kilowatt hour saves the feed-in tariff. The latter is the General energy prices again for good. See also the own solar power companies blog/ever-energy-power station-the-own-solar-power plant company / conclusion: from the perspective of experts manages the future security of supply only with storage media. For this reason, the State supports the introduction and spread of solar storage systems with the KfW promotion now. The renewable electricity generation presents us with new challenges. Nature provides not whenever we need energy. Therefore, solar storage are the be-all and end-all of a future security of supply. Currently, there are already good solutions for private households and small businesses. Especially lead-acid batteries provide a consumption of up to 70 percent. Benefit all electricity customers: each himself used kilowatt-hour charged the assessment account nor the network. For this reason, there is a KfW promotion for solar storage. See also energy policy in Germany blog/energy policy-Germany / contact: ever Energy Group GmbH John-Niemeyer-WEG 4 14109 Berlin phone: + 49 030/70 71 80 80 fax: + 49 030/70 71 80 79 Press contact: Dominik Maina E-Mail:

Pressure: Workers Completely Gutted

Lack of recognition by executives threatening quality of work Frankfurt on the main/Chemnitz/Braunschweig – permanent time and performance pressure, regular overtime, low decision latitude, at the same time lack recognition and support by executives–not a few workers in Germany are significantly strained and often overwhelmed. In addition to increasing mental health problems, a serious threat of quality of work and professionalism is as a result to register as a study of the Technical University of Chemnitz and the Sigmund-Freud-Institut shows in Frankfurt/Main. Members of the German society for supervision were interviewed for the survey. Burnout phenomena, one problem is the increase in precarious and short-term employment. “De professionalisation, so the replacement of professionals by labourers, has grown as well. Normal working conditions are”eroded, says Rolf Haubl, Deputy Managing Director of the Sigmund Freud Institute and co-author of the study, in an interview with press release.

2008 almost 80 per cent of respondents indicated that employees are under permanent pressure, there were already more than 90 percent. Almost all recognize now rising psychophysical stress due to high work loads, which have an increase of diseases resulted in the eye also over 90 per cent – especially as Burnout phenomena. Nearly 70 percent of the experts surveyed also explain that displace economic criteria of increasing quality standards and there is growing conflict of performance standards between management and employees. Demoralizing a significant strain in many areas facing an at best average but often lack of recognition for the work done and an only average realized entails what is major cause for a severe demoralization and often even exhaustion of workers. This exhaustion follows, according to the study, mainly from excessive work load, but from the registered conflicts about the quality and meaning of the work. Such problems can put into perspective however is, if the work of managers is recognized and rewarded in performance.

Also a good working atmosphere and stress-reducing assistance by the superior combat exhaustion. However can often to be desired both according to the study: 62.7 percent of respondents registering that executives provide insufficient support and orientation. For the investigation was not differentiated according to firm size. “The individual problems both for small, medium-sized and large companies”, says Elena. “The responsibility is becoming increasingly important for the workers. He must know about themselves and ensure a successful work-life balance”, added the expert. Source and ALLROUNDER Gerd Bewersdorff


Mayor Samuel Moreno Rojas seems to ignore declarations of members of his party and even more to the leaders of workers and 38 administrative of the Bogota circuit court in recent days administration of the Capital District has been promoting the search for a strategic partner for the etb. In that impulse the Administration found powerful opponents even within his party, the alternative Democratic Pole, proof of this are the declarations of Jorge Robledo Senator of this political organization which ensures the increase in privatization of the ETB process that initiated the Mayor of Antanas Mokus with the sale of 11 percent of the companyIt is not a need for its best performance, because this can meet your requirements for expansion and modernization without resorting to a so-called strategic partner. The privatizations lead to higher rates for users. And this trend will worsen as private monopolies, tendency to consolidate the principal of Colombia will worsen with increased privatization of the ETB, which controls the market of Bogota. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Blumenthal. (Taken from the face of Jorge Robledo to boil Saenz of the 25 of August 2009) Mayor Samuel Moreno Rojas seems to ignore the statements of the members of his party and even more of the leaders of the workers. Eng. Hever Saenz ATELCA (Association of technical in telephony telecommunications and like-MINDED) President to expressed the undesirability of the strategic partner, taking as an example that the administration of Antanas Mokus, because it sold 11 per cent of the shares of the ETB to private capital, which imposed on the company distribute utilities for more than one trillion pesos in five years. That will happen if we deliver control of the operation to private partners, while the district to stay with 51% of the shares? How much will really lose district budget that can serve the city to run social programs of urgency, there is guarantee for the stability and security of the 3,000 workers of the etb and their families.

In his article published September 23, 2009 inform us, that in auto issued last Monday the Court 38 administrative of the circuit of Bogota tells the company freeze look it gives of a strategic partner. With so many voices against including incidentally the Conservative councillor Omar Mejia Baez who manifested itself against the partner search on the capital Council strategic debate on August 27, 2009 would be important as a medium as yours were placed to the scepter the pros and cons of the possibility of a strategic partner for a company like the etb. Note: Interesting see how the mechanism of popular action that the Lord brought Oscar Penagos Chairman of Sintra – phones is an effective instrument in defence of collective interests. By Editson Romero angle journalist and educator Atelca 3132727726 press officer Bogota.

The Feasible

If we counted on great income but our culture of handling of the money he is deficient we will see as month to month disappears of our hands and continuous way. Don’t mention it will serve to have majors income if the mentality is the same and it does not administer his finances intelligently, the money will disappear in the same way and have the same passage. To only secure to money nonknowledge that to do with will leave between those who invest to us bad soon to lose their capital, or between that hide or they deposit its money in a bank with interests that do not report reasonable gains. The problems will not be solved when it owns more amount of money, must know like adminstralo, like avoiding the negative exits, the bad investments, the feasible expenses to eliminate. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Amazon. If it wants financially to be free, if it wants to take the control from his life, it works mainly what it generates income continuous, it avoids and it eliminates everything as far as possible what generates expenses, invests in everything what produces income to him appellants, leaves of side all purchase that does not generate income and only it is a erogacin that will not report gains to him.

To know how to say that not to everything what can harm its finances although is difficult or annoying, to know how to say that not to everything what it goes against his financial interests. An investment on which too much has not been investigated, a personal purchase by whim, a favor for it needs which it, is between so many reasons that can mine their financial standing. Concntrese in everything what it generates income and it avoids the movements that mean exits without return, in definitive it destines its money for what it will report more money to him, concntrese in what it leaves more money in its pocket and not in which the extraction, avoids everything what it generates expenses of different types without generating resources that increase their capital.. Steve Rattners opinions are not widely known.

Germany Stuttmann

By ‘Germany abolishes itself’ ‘Stuttgart 21’, Klaus Stuttmann has that turbulent year 2010 appears together politically at the 01.12.2010 new cartoon book by Klaus Stuttmann titled country under. In his inimitable style, the artist can reminisce about the topics, tasks and personalities of the year: Afghanistan and nuclear – power creates himself off and Stuttgart 21, by Angela Sarrazin, Obama and Westerwelle to Germany. Klaus Stuttmann is one of the most published cartoonists of Germany. His cartoons appear daily in over 20 German daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and journals before an audience of millions. Most people know so his drawings and the book cover with the politicians dream ship has unexpectedly familiar. His stroke is incorruptible clear Stuttmanns views, relentlessly precise and sharply satirical.

The book is a treasure trove for the politically keen contemporary history nossen, who want intelligent laugh and learn smart. “Country under” is the second Stuttmann book switching time Verlag, in “direct sequence to the sold-out annual review 2009 clear announcement”. The satirical annual review 2010 revolves around German politics and international events, comprises 252 pages with 227 caricatures of them over 80 coloration. With this the caricature of Berlusconi which won first prize in the Italian cartoon contest Premio Satira Politica. The foreword is by Klaus Staeck, President of the Berlin Academy of arts. Short reminder texts cover the events of the individual months combined men and summarize the development context of the cartoons. Klaus Stuttmann: Land under! Political cartoons of 2010 published 256 pages, Softcover in the switching time Verlag Berlin ISBN 978-3-941362-08-6 19.90, available in well-stocked bookstores, Christmas market Berlin, at the daily mirror shop, Christmas market Leipzig ticket Gallery.

German Bundestag AfW

Strengthening the advocacy of independent financial institutions in politics and business since 01 January 2013 accompanied the AfW – German financial services Association in its objective, the publity AG as a supporting Member to strengthen the advocacy of independent financial service providers. Publity is targeted support thus in the future work of the AfW founded in 1992 and its 1,500 member companies. For more specific information, check out Ohio Senator. The AfW of sought-after discussion partner in politics and business and as interest group in the German Bundestag and the European Parliament is accredited as a leading trade association of the independent financial service providers. The AfW – German financial services Association provides on the one hand as a representative of approximately 30,000 insurance and investment intermediaries representing the interests of independent financial service providers. On the other hand, he calls but also a uniform regulation of entire financial intermediation and consulting, along with the unification of the legal requirements for selling financial services. “As Sustaining Member of the AfW is our goal to ensure, together with our numerous distribution partners for the profession of independent financial services firm is gaining reputation,”says Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG.

“Because we are convinced that the best innovations can arise from the industry out, joining the AfW is only logical consequence”, as Thomas Olek. As a member of various industry organizations, such as the Bank Association, the Federal Association for credit purchases and servicing (BKS), which involved international bankers Forum and vote up the publity AG as well as the Board members Thomas Olek and Christoph Blacha personally for the creation and compliance with quality standards for the trading and servicing loans. Publity is a major concern, to improve the transparency and the quality of financial advice. As an issuer of publity performance fund the publity financial group currently over 800 sales works with partners. This partnership is publity also in 2013 maintain and expand.

African Fishing

In addition to its excellent fishing, Essaouira offers numerous tourist attractions and has sites of great interest, among which are its fascinating fish, considered World Heritage by UNESCO. The main species are found in marine waters of Morocco are the smooth, common bream and red sea bream, sole, sea bass, sol, sea bass, barracuda, eels, hake and tuna , among many others. If you decide to go deep fishing, you can fish for tuna, swordfish, barracuda, grouper and white marlin. So, as you can see, the variety of species in the waters of Morocco is enormous and its seas are in a life and beauty of the most abundant. But, as in many developing countries, water is a vital and invaluable resource. According to Amazon, who has experience with these questions.

Moreover, as in many other African countries, is also a limited resource. In Morocco in particular, with more than 3,200 miles of Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, has a huge dependence on water and its proper care and maintenance. The diversity of fauna and flora, the stability of its economy developing but still poor and, most importantly, health and welfare of its people depend crucially on its clean, its just supply and protection. Many organizations and associations working conscientiously to prevent the dumping of industrial waste into the sea, ocean conservation and sources of freshwater and against the unequal distribution fee and the lack of water supply.

But all these circumstances, which have already caused an enduring crisis that points to very serious long-term consequences still occur continuously, but can be avoided if we become aware of them and campaign or act on them. Remember, without water, no fishing! So come to Morocco and enjoy one of places better, more varied and attractive in the world for fishing. The climate in this country is warm and sunny throughout the year and its landscapes are breathtaking. Morocco also offers many attractions: an ancient and fascinating history, exquisite and varied cuisine, a diverse and affordable housing, and a town famous for its generosity and hospitality. And, of course, a water fragile but invaluable. Your fishing experience will be even better if you choose the most appropriate to their needs and desires. Many will even help you plan your fishing trip to the smallest detail and will be happy to recommend the best way to make the most of your adventure.

New Year

What do you and your family used to eat at the feast? What are generic and are supported by national traditions of cuisine you? That such questions should be the first in the mind of every owner. Do not deny that there are among you, dear cooks, those who say: “As I got tired of all – every day spend at the stove. The best gift for me – The suspension cooks duties during New Year celebrations. ” Well, there is always way out – you can go to visit, where another hostess will show your skills, or in a restaurant, in the end. Those who are not averse to devote while preparations Christmas dishes, we advise you in advance to make a rough menu of the expected holiday treats.

This is useful also for planning the upcoming purchase of needed products. If the salad “herring under fur coat” or sandwiches with sprats remained in the diet of your family still loved it and festive dishes, you should not deny all pleasures and enjoy them in this New Year’s Eve. But try to submit an original familiar dishes, for example, in sumptuous dishes with fancy decorations, set the tone of the upcoming holiday. From personal experience give an example: the same well-known, perhaps, even banal salad “Olivier” can be laid out at the plate in the form of Christmas trees, decorate it with asterisks, balls and garlands of vegetables, olives, olives. We believe that any owner can come up with something more original, say, dish powder “snow” from crab sticks or goat cheese … sure to play around and introduced to the New Year’s table at least one or two new dishes that meet the tastes of the family or invited guests on ingredients. Let’s just say, fashion trends in food – is a long time tested “old wives’ recipes, reworked with a modern twist. For example, trendy and well-known chefs have replaced in the salad, “Mimosa” good old cheese “Kostroma” to “Parmesan”, that’s all modernism! ..

The meaning of the same, is not it? And the simple Russian people still regards as a kind of new foods on the old standards. Additional information is available at Amazon. Do not forget also about the New Year entourage tableware. In this role, can act, for example, snowflakes and Christmas trees on the edges of cutlery, tablecloths and napkins, as well as lights and candles. “Trite!” – You say? No way! From practical experience We note only that you should not overdo it with scented candles and sticks, and light them better away from the table so that they do not smell spoiled flavors of New Year goodies menu. Do not neglect the presence of your menu traditional and all your favorite sweets and tangerines, which create a particular mood, not only children but adults, even if they do not admit it out loud often …

Information About The Study Abroad

The education fair horizon is not only universities from all over Germany from Mannheim, already for the third time the nationally successful education exhibition presents the 21.12.2010 in January 2011 in the Halle Munsterland study and training opportunities for high school graduates. Thematic focuses in the study abroad, the new degree structures and the ways of financing your studies. In a round of talk for the financing of studies, experts from the various departments explaining the possibilities: BAfoG grants, scholarships, student loans, etc. The message is: for each there’s matching funding under no circumstances should you deal a study from the head for financial reasons. Sen. Sherrod Brown often addresses the matter in his writings. Another expert talk round, in which the audience also get rid of your individual questions and adhoc a competent answer, received the new degree structures on the topic: many students and their parents are still highly insecure, what concerns the Bachelor and master courses: I have chances on the labour market with the Bachelor’s degree? Must I immediately connect a master’s degree or can I / I should first gain experience in the profession? Is it free to choose me, I want to make my master’s degree at the University? These and many other questions deal with the young people, who will make her high school diploma in the coming years. Masters programmes are offered at the stands of the universities from all over Germany and neighbouring countries are interesting especially for the current students: through the website of the horizon, you can learn about the represented universities and their offer and with preferred universities arrange a personal meeting at the fair. In addition to numerous institutions from the region and the whole Federal territory are also well-known companies and inform about their training programs for high school graduates and for dual study: study, gain practical experience in the operation and already money – for many future students a dual degree model offers many advantages.

The personal information and consultations with competent contacts at the exhibition stands are complemented by a variety of lectures, workshops and panel discussions under the framework programme. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ohio Senator on most websites. The horizon will be held on 29 and 30 January 2011 in the trade fair and Congress Centrum Halle Munsterland, Munster. It is open from 10 am to 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday. The admission is free. Horizon the fair for high school education: Munster of 29th/30th January 2011 Halle Munsterland Stuttgart March 26/27, 2011 Haus der Wirtschaft Bremen April 9th and 10th, 2011 Messe Bremen Friedrichshafen may 14th and 15th, 2011 Messe Friedrichshafen Thuringen (Weimar) may 28-29, 2011 Neue Weimarhalle Freiburg July 2nd and 3rd, 2011 Messe Freiburg Mannheim October 22-23, 2011 Congress Centrum Rosengarten Mainz November 19-20, 2011 – Rheingoldhalle.

Important Selection Criteria

How to correctly choose a hosting? Any site you want to locate the Internet server to allow the inhabitants of the World Wide Web go to him. This service is called hosting. There are 2 kinds of services, betraying hosting support php: Hosting companies, the main range of services which aims to support and maintenance of Internet servers, Web Studio, which in addition to creating direct sites offer a place given the resources to own servers. Used the free and paid hosting. If you would like to know more about Ohio Senator, then click here. Free hosting is a plus in the absence of payment for the hosting service, but it also has some downsides: a resource often offer domain of the third level, search engines rank the following resources for free hosting, there are limitations in the amount of information publication. But the global nuisance is also not becoming.

Register domain hosting to help solve the problems with search engines (for promotion in RuNet), and if your url does not take up more disk space, then this hosting will be a godsend. Paid hosting php mysql takes your resource to a qualitatively different level. Flexible payment system; Professional control panel cPanel; Round the clock technical support, hosting with php mysql, Perl, cgi, asp, etc. Remember that the cheapest paid hosting php – not a panacea. Difficult to find a good hosting since there are many companies who struggle for the client may offer profitable service plans, and quality service. Most importantly – to present the most important requirements for the hosting company.

Here some of them: Disk space server Number of email accounts, types of supported databases Estimated volumes of incoming and outgoing traffic, presence and number of subdomains for Internet resource, etc. After giving the company-hosting provider number of conditions, you will be offered a specific plan. Literacy will be first to order a paid hosting php mysql for a month, all carefully all the test. After that, we recommend to pay good hosting forward a few months, since in this case it is possible to get a discount.