Oracle Communication

It is possible to establish communication with the divine through the Oracle, through selected people and through a series of default rituals. This belief dates back to the beginning of mankind; its origins are lost in time. There is, therefore, so many oracles as civilizations have existed and will exist. And today, thanks to the Internet, we can meet them all. Free, the Oracle lavished on the web to get your message to all mankind.

Arguably, a web page is not transmitting or condenses the energies that come into play in a ritual invocation of the Oracle. But it fulfills the important mission to spread his message and achieve more and more people find that improve their material situation and spiritual is possible and is within your reach. The tarot deck is one of the main oracles that exist today. Through it, the innumerable forces of the universe communicate us your precious messages. But there are a number of interesting oracles born in very advanced civilizations, which worth knowing also.

Egyptian civilization reached a very high degree of spiritual development. His knowledge about the world of the dead, metaphysics and the celestial mysteries, condensed into hermetic philosophy, gave rise to the first tarot recognized as such. The Egyptian Oracle receives questions and answers based on the date of birth of the consultant. Without hesitation Amazon explained all about the problem. These responses are characterized by being very deep a subtlety and complexity. Therefore it is recommended to devote time to meditate on the responses received, several days if necessary, until you have the certainty of having understood the message with all its implications. The Celtic Oracle aims to connect us with the energy of the universe, to be able to channel it towards specific purposes, as knowing the answer to our deepest concerns. This Oracle unites the Celtic alphabet with the sacred energy of trees, central elements of the religious life of this town. The qualities of each species are taken in the Celtic culture as synthesis and expression of concepts and virtues of spiritual nature. So Holly, was for example, used by this people for making walking sticks and wands of sacredness by its enormous vitality. Metals have also, for same reason, great importance in Celtic religion. By its energy relationship with the Moon and its high conductivity, for example, the silver was a sacred metal. Through the Internet, and free, the Oracle of ancient peoples brings your message today. It is in us know or don’t listen to it. Juan Carlos Montillo free Oracle