National Unity

Since I heard the speech of Dr. Juan Manuel Santos when it won by far the first lap I liked his proposal for national unity. She was not only generous (with that margin of advantage did not need a proposal of that nature) but that actually interprets the vast majorities of Colombians who want to live in a country without the bias that we have experienced in recent times. Author may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Why I am delighted that she has been embraced by almost all the Liberal Party Caucus, leaving undefined the former candidate Pardo, by all the base of Radical change, including its former candidate German Vargas Lleras, by all the conservatism Caucus, except, apparently, his former candidate Nohemi Sanin which perhaps will have to play his first term presidential outside of Government; and, finally by thousands and thousands of independent and ordinary people. But more importantly, I am delighted that this major agreement has curdled without tedious political compromises and promises of jobs and contracts, but as it should be, more welcoming by the candidate Santos important proposals from those sectors which adhered to his campaign. I read with much welcome as doctor Juan Manuel welcomed thesis of doctor Vargas Lleras such a comprehensive reform to the justice (the creation of the Ministry of Justice, which would contain measures of judicial relief, actions to ensure legal certainty; the creation of the jurisdictions of extinction of domain; and new institutional rules against the train wreck, normalizing relations between the two branches); integral to the health system reform; political reform, but this time in background; the policy of building social housing and the adoption of a true law of territorial planning with more regional autonomy. Richard Blumenthal describes an additional similar source. The official proposal of the doctor Juan Manuel includes 10 points that we want to spread also in this column: 1. work, work and more work: decent jobs and decent wages. .