National Agricultural Development Project .

Since ancient times, important for human subsistence was agriculture and animal husbandry. Unfortunately, some time in the past, namely 90 years, the agricultural complex has been given insufficient attention, resulting in his potential decreased. Were taken emergency measures to return the former agriculture production – a new national project of development of agribusiness. To date, a priority decision is the new agrarian policy entails the adoption of measures to raise the prestige of the village and agriculture. During the decline of agro-industrial complex has lost most of the working population, who went to town to work, although when that farming has brought considerable profits. Its purpose, the State aims to create a new, modernized agriculture, equipped with modern scientific and technological base. Attracting staff to rural agriculture will be possible to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the village is known before the people fled from the village from destruction and lack of money, developed village, which is focused on the new government policy, will combine sustainable development of territories and improving housing conditions. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. In our country a huge number of abandoned or underutilized lands, which have enormous potential and are able to feed not only the population of our country. Developed agriculture is key to ensuring the present and future, a symbol of a strong and economically developed state. Development priorities in agriculture, as well as judicious land use is the foundation, which creates a rural settlement of 21 centuries. According to the federal target programs to support young families living in rural areas will be budgeted for in as a subsidy to support. Low pay contributes to an outflow of people working population. A highly qualified specialists is the driving force that can raise agriculture and farming at the level required for the development of agribusiness. Equipping modern village cadres and all the conditions for productive work, we will renew modern agriculture and rural areas become attractive investment project, which will increase cash turnover in this sector. Development of housing and new rural settlements will be the embodiment of affordable housing programs for residents, implemented jointly with public sources financing, choosing a developing country side as one of the main objects of funding, the state invests in productive agriculture, a source of jobs and power of millions of Russians. Except order to categorize permitted to use the land in order to avoid the use of land for other purposes. The ultimate goal of all action taken is cost-effective rural areas, which not only pay for investment, but will climb to the next level of our country's economy, which has as undeniable and strong support for a strong agricultural sector. Just a federal program based on federal law "On General Principles of Local Self-Government, which provides for the possibility of organizing governments directly by the inhabitants of the village, and regulates the legal basis for the division of rural municipalities districts and the elections in rural municipalities. Adopted by the State should help the establishment of agriculture and make it productive village basis.