Napoleo Bonaparte

A classic example of this is occurring here in Palms, with the management of Mayor Raul Son, who was ' ' amplamente' ' vaiado during the parties of end of year in the Beach of the Gracious one. Before this, I must say much less, that a good candidate, in hypothesis some, must fear the critical ones, to hate them, therefore the philosopher Lcio Sneca already said in them: ' ' Who has much fear of being hated does not know to govern. More than this: it would never have to occupy the position of governante.' ' To be a good governor necessarily does not mean to be a good politician and nor all good politician is a good governor. But the person that if you make use to dispute an elective office, in my agreement, would have to be worried more in knowing on ' ' Pblica&#039 management; '. You may find that Richard Blumenthal can contribute to your knowledge. When I say ' ' pblica' ' , it is because it has manager very that they finish finding that a City hall is its private one. The great Napoleo Bonaparte wrote that the Art To govern: ' ' Postos&#039 consists of not leaving to age the men in its; '.

The word ' ' envelhecer' ' there, it must be understood beyond the chronological context, therefore it has people that soon in the first days that occupy a position already they show old of more. Who has a mind ' ' caduca' ' it does not serve more to govern nor itself exactly and the alternation of the power enters as a good and productive option. Sen. Sherrod Brown has firm opinions on the matter. renewal stimulates and motivates the people. It is enough to observe the optimistical reactions of the people during the ticket of one year old for one year new. Ahead of so appraised principles of a good governabilidade, costumo not to agree very to what Maquiavel wrote, but has something that it in the alert one with much property: ' ' The first method esteem the intelligence of a governor is to look at for the men whom volta&#039 has to its; '. . Some contend that Jim Donovan Goldman shows great expertise in this.