Monster High Lagoona Blue Assassination

Favorite Color: Gold – it's only for Cleo de Nile, and I never disagree with her. Favorite Food: Steak … rarely. LDN: Frankie Stein (Franke Stein) and Drakulaura (Draculaura). Biography of Cleo de Nile Who is Captain strahlidinga (Fearleading Capitain) Age: 5.842 (added or removed several years) Parent monster: Mummy. Bag: Monster High Cleo de Nile killer style: I'm a real Egyptian princess with a tiara, ekzoticheskimi jewels, and oh yeah, with the embarrassment of a bandage on his body.

Bizarre drawback: The Darkness. Yes I monster who is afraid of the dark – after going through it. Pet: Hissett (Hissette) my sweetie Egyptian cobra. Her hissing is much worse than her, uh, poisonous bite. Hobby: manage halls Monster High and be captain strahlidinga. Big disappointment: When someone refuses to obey me. Favorite subject in school: Geometry. Everything connected with triangles and pyramids as easy as pie or it will be a TT? Unloved subject in school: History.

Be there to see it take aftograf all the big players. Favorite color: Gold. Favorite Food: Grapes, especially when I feed them. LDN: Hulya Yelps (Ghoulia Yelps) and Days Gorgon (guy) (Deuce Gorgon). Biography Blue Lagoon Who is this: The team captain plavateley (Sweam Team Capitain) Age: 15 Parent monster: Sea Monster. Bag: Monster High Lagoona Blue Assassination style: Most of all I would like to crawl (walking) with her handbag, t-shirt and sneakers. So I'm ready for any terribly good weather to Activities surfing beach volleyball, or look at guys with girlfriends.