Microsoft Invests In Russia

Microsoft has invested in 2009 to $ 300 million to Russia, and in 2008, Microsoft's investment is approximately the same amount. The money will be used to increase computer literacy among the population and development training Russian schools, as well as the establishment of research centers that will lead to at least the increase of jobs in Russia. The market of Russia's intellectual potential is immense, our domestic left-hander, government's program of computerization of schools, the Internet has gone in the outback. Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. Now, even in remote villages where no roads had already conducted online and students enthusiastically learn new kind of learning. Literature which was previously available only to residents of cities lies in public Internet access, plus distance learning, which is also a positive effect on the development of a computer, and not only literacy in the regions. In well-known Silicon Valley work and on the amount a certain percentage, Russian programmers, one of the founders of Google, has Russian roots, our programmers have great potential. Therefore, Microsoft relies on Russia, the main supplier of programmers, and our hinterland, from which came barefoot Lomonosov, a great blacksmith training, what else do students when there is no place to go so nothing, that's still engage in learning, the more they like this kind of study than the established traditional approach to learning. Who ever heard of a Russian computer, no, it's not an anecdote, Everest, a Russian processor, with more perfect logic than from Microsoft, but the advantages of Microsoft's more, they came to the 45-meter nanotechnology for a long time, and we are only 120 meters introduce nanotechnology. Potential is there, just use it to Microsoft, more flexible control system, compared to our bureaucracy, looking for new resources. Investments in intangible assets that can not touch it, Russian investors are not arouse interest, Russians are more interested in real estate, a la Britain, and so on. Internet is a global network, and it blurs the boundaries between states, thanks to the internet we are able to acquire the dating world, so that make way for Russians to Microsoft will help to introduce and develop new innovative technologies that we have because of their mentality simply buried in the bureaucratic jungle.