Miami Government

Simple and simply we pay and leave the conclusions at the time. But not before wish that the resolution of these conflicts must be performed without delay. Safe guess that ends the discussion, good, as good Cuban politics could not miss. There are several trends and opinions, but to my mind, at least in this group, however strange it might seem, the moderation marks the rhythm of the debate. Our condition of emigrants us not limited in extent of comment, and part of that is happening in our country. Rather than talk about the virtues of our country concerns us that topic in particular.

The expectation of change that has generated the latest developments will set the pace among optimists and skeptics. In the midst of the views someone mentions an interesting and momentous question. As it is possible that in a small country like Cuba has been perpetuated by nearly half a century a system of Communist Government in the middle of the Caribbean, so close to the capitalist power more rich and powerful of all time. Someone launches a very interesting mathematical theory which I now share with you. Turns out that stability is very known of the triangle, for example, a table with three legs never cojeara. If we consider the Cuban Government, the Cuban emigration of Miami and successive Northern Governments Americans as each of these legs will find a set of common interests that undoubtedly have resulted in a coexistence very helpful to each of the parties. A great enemy is the Cuban Government needed to somehow hide its own inefficiencies, which does not repair in attending the antagonism of relentless way.