Metal Furniture

Some of my friends to know that there is a whole company for the production of metal furniture, ask: "Companies producing some furniture? Furniture made of metal? And it exists? Where she may come in handy and she looks like? Few notice that such a 'non-existent and unnecessary' metal furniture is in most offices, locker rooms, sports clubs, supermarkets and convenience stores. Often we just its use and do not pay attention to it. But imagine if the metal furniture would not have been invented. You can fantasize about it. For example, cargo racks are used in our usual supermarkets – they withstand enormous loads. So, instead of them would stand small wooden shelves with a large kolichestvov goods (wood can not withstand such loads that can withstand metal), the large production companies would stand a conventional clothes hangers or racks of chipboard (instead of a convenient modular cabinets made of metal), in our doorways hung to wooden mailboxes that have had to continually change, such a notion as ultra-safe to keep money and important documents in general would be absent. A list of these 'if' can continue for very long. Of course, all these inconveniences are not critical, but they are now make up our lives to which we are accustomed to. Which only the products can be made of metal – that a variety of wardrobes and storage of documents and files, are widely used in commercial enterprises and in government offices, and mailboxes in a variety of modifications, and archival and office shelving and bins, and carts Metal products a huge amount. And, despite the fact that sometimes we even thinking about where and how are these everyday things, with great pleasure that use them.