Mark System

Voluntary certification is carried out under a contract between the applicant and certification body. 2. Voluntary certification of products subject to obligatory certification, can not replace the mandatory certification of such products. Article 18. Organization of voluntary certification (in the red.

Federal law from 31.07.1998 N 154-FZ) 1. Voluntary certification is conducted by the voluntary certification included in the system voluntary certification, formed by any legal entity, registered a given system and a sign of conformity to the specially empowered federal executive body for the certification of established order. Authority for the voluntary certification may be a legal entity, established a system of voluntary certification, as well as a legal entity, has assumed the functions of the authority of the voluntary certification under a contract with a legal entity, formed the given system. Body for the voluntary certification: – provides certification of products, issue certificates, as well as under contract with the applicant gives him the right to use the mark of conformity; – suspends or cancels certificates. 2. Legal entity, established a system of voluntary certification, establishes rules for work in the system of certification, payment of such work and identifies participants in the system of voluntary certification. 3.

Voluntary certification can also be carried out in a system of mandatory certification, if required by the rules of the system of mandatory certification, and if this system duly registered mark of conformity of voluntary certification. Article 19. At the conclusion of the applicant's rights agreement on the certification of the applicant is entitled to receive from the body for the voluntary certification of the necessary information about the rules of certification, as well as to determine the form of certification.