Maquiavel Power

Already in the modern theory where Maquiavel if detaches, democracy is a republic form where the regimen of popular government is called republic and not democracy. The conception of democracy has left of the estimated one of the guarantee of basic rights as the rights of press, religion, thought freedom, of meeting, among others. Benjamin Constant, in the speech ' ' The compared freedom of the old ones with the one of modernos' ' , it emphasized that the freedom must be promoted and be developed through the body politician who if translates the assembly of the citizens. But, that a danger that is the freedom in fact, to the point of the citizen exists not to want more to participate of the power politician. Constant (C1985, p.6) says that ' ' The danger of the modern freedom is where, absorbed for the joy of private independence and in the search of particular interests, let us renounce our right too much easily to participate of the power poltico.' ' Thus being, the obligatoriness starts to be a resource for the functioning of the democracy. It can seem ambiguous, but the freedom necessary politics to be molded in way to become the participativa democracy, such needs to submit all the citizens to the examination of its interests for the power. The power that in the old one it formulates liberal emanates of the people for the people, can be understood in ironic way: the people as the set of the citizens of a country inside chooses some of of the nation assuming the power leading politician of the State, but to the representative installed being legally legal the elect one starts to have to be able it differentiates that it of chose that it, the majority of the people alone will take ownership of the again at any given time historical power.