Management Resources

And the pendulum begins to swing managerial decisions in the opposite direction. Management resources more effectively focus on solving problems is not survival but development: what more can improve the quality of work, the sales volume, with the help of which retain the right people in difficult times? As the remaining staff dedicated and loyal to unite, motivate, inspire? There are actual ways of dealing with the current management problems. Toolkit developed and tested in accordance with the present time, the organizational and economic instability, budgets and other "charms". Below are the most popular and colorful tools proven positive results, as with the rational and the emotional side. Effective team building in a familiar form. 1. Strategy session. Collective form of work on team building. Ideal – involvement in the formulation of strategic objectives and priorities of different units and hierarchical levels of the company. The regularity of such sessions in crisis (once a month, once per quarter) will provide the employees a sense of involvement, attached to the relevant information about the affairs of the company. It is important when preparing balanced composition of members that at a certain number of "depressed" necessarily found an optimist. Read more here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. 2. Brainstorming on the issues. Another form of collective work on team building. Again, there is associated with involvement. In this case, you can still learn and adapt its own specific creative techniques to study the experiences of different companies, ie combined with training. 3. Development projects (crisis management, innovation and so on).