Living In High Level

Of our country and the world today is a growing constant in which only the most astute emerging unscathed. I feel privileged to live in this country with so much wealth, but at the same time I realize that all that wealth is poorly distributed, and therefore that the people most affected is the class average, with debts, wages low, without big support, therefore the middle class is living more stressed. The poor give them alms to keep them happy but without removing them poor and the big rich opportunities to further enhance their fortunes and the middle class only give you more labor competition, therefore more unemployment and wages more bass, with this situation in a short time there will be more billionaires in the country and also more people bankrupt. Thing more serious is not the Yes, the serious situation is that if there were more ordinary people and more rich and more people with desires to forget a bit of Government continue to increase both his fortune and take action towards improving the standard of living of the majority, would have many families better living. Some of what I visualize to improve the standard of living of people with wages more high and greater benefits in health and culturally, is to increase salaries average by 150% at least from working-class to trusted employees and Executive media actions. Of course, that it is possible if you had doubts about that, and I also say that clear that some companies may decide to leave but others will come wanting to now attack a market of people who have a better standard of living, and some others decided to stay despite that because is still an opportunity to be in this great country. Another way is to increase tax companies benefits once the salary increase has been achieved.

The truth I can enlist more actions including actions for PEMEX, which are completely viable but the reality is that people who are really determined to put love for his work and his work in our laws and the administration of the country and of our natural resources is needed. The truth I do not know if it will happen someday and do not want to assume that it will never happen but while both and in the current reality, people seeking to live better and have your financial peace of mind and live without worries have the enormous advantage that it does not matter in that country is thanks to global growth and access to the Internet where knowing choose can also find quite attractive business opportunities. Atte. Augusto Gonzalez Web: email. original author and source of the article