Licensing Activities In The Czech Republic .

Legal entity (LE) or a private entrepreneur, registered in the Czech Republic are obliged, after registration, obtain a permit to operate – the license (s), whose presence (s) allows the territory Czech Republic, one or more activities. License Czech Republic – a document issued by a state licensing boards (ivnostensky uad). It regulates the type of activity and determines the start date of this activity, which coincides with the date of issuance of the license Luik or private entrepreneurs, who (th) can use this document for the conduct of its business. When you register le to the Czech Republic, at the time of preparing the main document charter company (notasky zapis) at the point of "activities" shall include all permitted activities in the Czech Republic. At the time of this writing 267. This item should be given special attention and require performer who is engaged in registration of your legal entity entering into the document is not selected, and all activities for legal persons. This requirement is necessary to present the Czech notary public or lawyer responsible for the registration. In the future availability of these activities in the charter company will allow for the implementation of procedures for issuance of a license (see below) to obtain a permit (license) to any type of activity for business in all sectors (services, trade, manufacturing, etc.) The procedure for registration of license in the Czech Republic for a legal person requires the following documents and actions: 1.Ustav le (notasky zapis) 2.Registratsionny leaf le – a fresh extract (No more than 3 months from the date of receipt) of the Municipal Court of the Czech Republic 3.Pasport Director (editel) or passport 4.Doverennost trustee, if the interests of providing trustee 5.Zayavlenie (adost) established licensing Committee (ivnostensky uad) format 6.Oplaty state fee for receiving and processing.