The popular principle is applied here: ' ' for the friends the favors of the law, for the enemies the severities of lei' '. As we confrot in them only with the severities, we finish discovering that we, the people, are the enemies. As only ' ' eles' ' if they benefit, we can imagine who are the friends It was therefore that the undersigned one asked for adhesion of much people so that we could come back to see some light in one another tip of tunnel. But, sad destination ours, the result left what worse the order. The law was made, but who it made it made it become wormy, therefore return against us, it attacks our intelligence. You unite is not only this, many other laws they attack in them and they attack our intelligence, to favor the friends We asked for an efficient law, that this said basically: this cannot be candidate because it deceived the voters.

E the law was made, but with requintes of malandragem to take care of to the exceptions: ' ' It is forbidden not to be in the cases of ' '. because of the exceptions the malandros will remain in the race to the costs of thresholds and resources and others balangands that the legal system was accumulating throughout these years. Let us notice that they are accurately the ones that would have to be outside of the electoral race, for being dirty, that the breaches and subtilities of the law are benefited of. These are the ones that if they surround of legal assessors to burlar the law, benefiting themselves of its points defective. We go to say this of another form: they are the ones that possess pendencies with justice that if benefits of the imperfections of the law. The ones that is with the clean fiche obtain the candidacy register.