Lebanese Presidents

and concerns, as it pointed to by ansalatina.com have already expressed. He says that the fiscal stimuli to launch the economy are not sufficient, are important but not sufficient, said Steven Roach, Morgan Stanley’s Economist, at the first session of the World Economic Forum, which is held every year in Davos, Switzerland. For Roach, who serve are coordinated policies and above all it is necessary to make cleaning of the actions toxic that banks still have, finding a mechanism to give them a price. The first session, very crowded, Davos, which always paves the way for the successive debates, is dedicated to the global economic crisis. On the table there should be forecasts, but on the other hand, the confrontation moved on new rules and cooperation. The unique give any estimate was Roach, who argued that in 2009 will be the first time since 1945 that the world economy collapses. See growth rates of 5 per cent will need wait 3 to 4 years. Next year growth I think that you will deploy to 2.5%, but many countries will be in recession, he said.

However, nobody seems to agree with him. The estimate is too optimistic, said the Japanese economist Heizo Takenaka, director of the Global Security Research Institute at Keio University. The panelists are all agreed that the fiscal stimulus will be important but not sufficient. Laura Tyson, Adviser to the U.S. President, Barack Obama, said that before the crisis, the next step is very simple, cut toxic actions that harshly affect the balance sheets and recapitalize the banks with different mode rules that can return to its credit activities. ACZ definitively, in the five-day meeting the participants intend to discuss in addition several issues, such as the spread of nuclear weapons, the Economic Outlook, financial markets, instability in the Middle East and the growing concern about energy prices. Of course, there is much interest as stated in voanoticias.com on related to the Middle East and will have a significant presence with King Abdullah of Jordan, the Palestinian and Lebanese Presidents and the israeli Prime Minister. Several sessions will be devoted to the Middle East, which will concentrate mainly on Iraq. Influential leaders have been invited to the Davos meeting of the Shiite factions, Sunni and Kurdish anger we expect that this meeting really provide favourable results, actions that guarantee transformations, hope for a solution to the serious problems facing the world today. Original author and source of the article.