Agency An advertising agency is an independent commercial organization, consisting of creative people and business that develops, prepares and places advertising on behalf of an advertiser looking to find consumers for their goods and services and disseminate their ideas. The agencies are specialized in communication and offer their clients, directly or outsourced, the following services: Advice on marketing communication consultants, creation and production of the technical elements of Planning diffusion means (negotiation, purchase and control of advertising space ) Monitoring the evolution of the bell Although there are specialized agencies, a comprehensive advertising services agency almost always has the following departments Press Releases The note or press release is the basic tool of public relations work in the aspect of relations Media, best known as a press office. It is a letter that meets the basic information on some subject, person and / or product that is sent to the media so that they are responsible for disseminating it to the population. Correspondents Correspondent is a journalist who regularly sends news from another city or from abroad to a chain of information, whether print, television or radio. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Blumenthal. The denomination is also used to name a person who is sent abroad or residing there, for negotiations on a permanent basis and maintains communication with the entity that it sends. There are specialist correspondents on various issues, political correspondents and war correspondents and others. Write and reporters for the Chronicle who writes a newspaper and a report is an informative story that includes extensive and direct personal observations of the journalist. Generally, the report is accompanied by information graphically. Newsletter A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally focused on one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. Many newsletters are published by clubs, societies, associations and businesses, particularly companies, to provide information of interest to its members or employees.