Indoctrination Politics

It is with much ideological sadness that I come the public to express my indignation and repudiation the indoctrination politics and that this being imposed in this Country. The Country this passing for a financial crisis and politics, the inflation already this without control, and in the politics does not exist more opposing of organized form, the only thing that exists is some individuals, that of isolated form, uselessly tries to show to the other side of some lies and hypocrisies of the current government. Until the moment these actions do not come occasioning no effect, the Brazilian people this embebecido of the lulismo? chavismo. She will be necessary of what simple individuals not revealing its insatisfao ahead of this imcompetent person and frivolous government. It is very difficult, or until impossible to say the people that they inhabit cave, that exists a world beyond the shades, who they are accustomed to see daily. A country where the majority of its population does not possess the minimum of instruction and is unaware of the majority of the facts politicians and social world-wide, national and local, these people at least do not obtain to analyze the events critically politicians and economic who are occurring daily in the nation, everything is received without no critical and reflection, them believes blindly, that squid and the PT is the redemption of the Brazilian people. Brazil if became of the Squid and of the PT, they they make what it wants, and nobody says nothing absolutely, is all living as if nothing it was happening, the government increased the crumbs to the villains, the rich ones, to a large extent evade taxes its taxes, whereas the middle class, this have the responsibility to take the country in the coasts, squid destroyed the quality of life of the middle class, this already meets empobrecida.