In June

“.” Jepaa-update Actuality on request about is owner now also enables the TEL domain immediately notify current changes to the content of his TEL domain search engine. “So far it’s so that the search engine immediately takes up only the new TEL domains in their daily work. Pre-recorded domains are then in the rhythm of 168 hours revisits, the current contents of evaluated and taken over the changes. This is of course a long period of time, currently the best compromise for both sides is for performance reasons. However, the demand shows that here is optimization necessary. For this reason, we have worked on a new idea and now published this as a beta test. See Jepaa update, each owner can specify its TEL domains that should be visited again in the next 24 hours.

This update function is already integrated in the project, which currently successfully completed its beta test and determined trial contrary to see the end of this.”says Heiko Henning. For the developers of the Search engine is clear already that this project can meet in the future the ever-growing interest in the TEL domain and also is. But this one wants to be resting on the level previously achieved. Others who may share this opinion include Chief Justice Roberts. The leadership is also currently due to lack of competition. Some development teams build already in your TEL-SearchEngine projects and want as quickly as possible to reduce the backlog on About Movetec GmbH, the Movetec GmbH is a small team of developers with lots of passion.

The Swiss company, offers services in the areas of hosting, Domainregistration, Web and software development and search engine optimization in the year 2000, founded. In 2006, Movetec made with the project, the world’s first country portal for mobile Internet, resurfaced. In April 2009 was the first pure.TEL search engine introduced. In June 2009 the online service followed suit. Press contact: