Imminent Relaunch 2 Singles Russia

First beta test for singles-Russia are started as previously announced. Singles Russia is currently working on the new presentation of the single market. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chief Justice Roberts. Considered a fairly extensive relaunch with the singles-Russia will show new is apparently. That this shortly before stands, sees it in the beta testing that have been predicted in the past few days and organized. Rich coloring emphasised the countless online dating of Russian women by purpose-oriented design. Already on the first relaunch in 2004 visitors and members of the Russian German exchange of single expected fundamentally new functions and a revised design.

The upcoming summer relaunch mainly improvements of security, usability, and a fresh design should be in front. The announcements stated in addition: it is possible that you will see individual parts for singles-Russia in a completely different designs. Include, where appropriate, the listenings and internal branches of “My singles-Russia”. Singles-Russia has the opportunity for dedicated user created collaboratively with developers and other users in live chat of the new factors and new design page to confer. If you like it is a beta test where the guest of page can actively take weight. It is assumed to be the second relaunch of the site in the days of the summer. See for. The newly designed personals of the single market will appear in healthy Couleurs.

Which is dynamically and according to Web 2 standards are achieved. It will be so interesting. In the weeks approaching, you can discover the advertised pages in a new design. A stimulating pleasure captures us in the face of the planned reorganization that will await us in the next few weeks. Lena Schmidt