General Plan Kirov And Its Development

Implementation of the National Project Affordable housing depends on many factors, but it is clear that to fully address this issue in terms of Russia so far is not enough. Here and unconscionable prices for building materials, and inordinate appetites of construction companies, and huge volumes of corruption in modern Russia, and the bills neprorabotannye fetter the pace of construction, and the absence in many Russian cities master plans development. However, just one last problem is solved in many cities actively enough, given the fact that the federal government has defined strict deadlines for the completion of these plans – January 1, 2010. General development plan includes the city, usually a series of measures aimed at the development of transport, economic and social infrastructure, designed to solve the problem of affordable housing and mass construction, the point of building and transport security. And ultimately it was a master plan for the city determines the order of construction and development of the city is not on for decades and foundations, according to which the city will develop in Later, and on how well this plan will be drawn will depend the lives and welfare of thousands of people.