The coach has to equal treatment to all players when they each respond to the requirements of the work in compliance with established standards and logical responsibilities that a player has to attend professional level. Another thing is the personal aspect. Each player is different and may not treat them all equally. Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Council giving one, just not worth for another, very good to be. Some need some forcefulness when addressing them and with others you need to be a little softer. There are those that react very positively with a pat on the back and others need a voice on high so to speak a very simplified form. The domination by the coach of certain psychological techniques and knowledge quite deep into what is the behavior of human beings play a major role in this issue, why have coaches who succeed fully on computers that run by that absolutely dominate this facet.

Another thing is that at the level of professional clubs, the coach has among its team of contributors to a Psychologist, that is a very valid option, first for himself, since individual level Council and advice of a professional, good can come you very to control certain States mood and emotional that the pursuit of an activity as demanding and which performs can lead you, especially if one is a coach of teams of elite and sometimes come you pictures of anxiety, stress, depression etc. It is also important at the level of preparation of the team to count on the collaboration of a specialist in sports psychology that obviously is going to improve and reinforce the work in this plot, although not so mean that coach should not have extensive knowledge in the matter, since besides that always will come in very handy to better perform their workthey are many computers, even professionals, which may not hire a psychologist (or don’t want to) and is the technician on duty who has control of team mental training paragraph in their entirety. It is evident that if the coach fails in the psychological theme with a particular player or do not know how to treat it, demotivation is a negative component that often occurs in these cases and the real danger is not when this fact is isolated and is manifested in a particular player, what is serious is when it spreads to the rest of the group. A demotivated team is like a boat adrift, and it is easier done sinking.