Florian Gottwald

Zieltraffic is a radical change of priorities in the new AdWords interface: also if the tool new ad groups create faster, creating campaigns in comparison to the campaign services in the background move now. The performance of individual keywords, for example, is more important than the Setup”, says Alexander of this, whose Agentur working among others for the post Bank. Could for example with the new at a glance ‘features all keywords seen, which yielded the best results. So, information from the accounts could be concentrated on essential content. Alexander of it welcomes also the new features for creating reports. Now, for example, placement reports without going through the reports Center could be created directly. Because here, too, loading times fell away, there are time savings of up to 95 percent of Zieltraffic AG”. Alexander Diesers conclusion about the new AdWords interface is therefore clearly: Beautiful, faster, better.” “Graphics download and use directly + Florian Gottwald will find great all information at a glance at iProspect in Hamburg the collection of all campaigns in tabs”.

All items (ad groups, keywords, networks and ads) can be controlled directly from a single location. You must no longer the area browsing”, the head of the Agency, which operates among other things for TUI and the chip-maker AMD tags marketing says of search. At iProspect and Xenion (member of the same group of Agency) it is pleased about the possibility to be able to download graphics of reports directly. The two Hamburg-based agencies include the graphics now directly via copy & paste in the reports for their clients, while you had to build them himself. “Gottwald: This saves a lot of time, we can instead use campaign management.” Thanks to graphical representations of key performance data of campaigns on the possibility, first page of the new AdWords interface display, see the Agency staff now at first glance, where one must be active”benefited customers, Gottwald said. “His equation: fast evaluate means faster tune.” And because the version that the agencies were allowed to test was a beta version, the agencies are being stretched, what still comes. “Florian Gottwald: Google has signaled to us that because in the pipeline is still promising.”