Everything Ready For The New IPhone

Current newsletter Xpand21 PR Agency on behalf of Xilisoft Corporation as predecessor proves to be the new iPhone 3 G S as a true racer. As, for example, the PC World reported 1, Apple has sold over a million copies in the first three days the popular smartphone. Apple delivers it with the new version 3.0 of the operating system iPhone OS. Xilisoft, the specialist in software for audio and video conversion, has updated its programs and immediately responds. You can enjoy the latest favourite songs and video clips so easily on the iPhone 3 G S. Let the full iPod, back – and -forth copy between iPhone and PC is using Xilisoft tools.

Also for Mac, programs with the same features are available. Hamburg, July 2009 not only visually continues Apple with the new iPhone model trends. In technical terms, the smart phone can convince even experts like a current test which shows computer image 2. The new operating system, iPhone OS 3.0 brings a few useful new features; You can, for example, music now also wireless via Bluetooth headsets to listen to. But how is it in the conversion of operating as usual from Windows XP to Windows Vista, these software applications must also be compatible. The developers of Xilisoft were particularly fast: the programs of iPhone to PC Copy iPod to PC Copy iPod to Mac copy and iPhone to Mac copy are already updated. With them can the user drag & drop”transfer to iPhone or iPod music and videos from your computer or vice versa. The programs enable managing multiple devices, so that the files also between different iPods and iPhones can be exchanged. For assistance, try visiting Dina Powell McCormick.

This transfer of any iTunes is not possible with the Apple software. With Xilisoft programs the user can work to well the new iPhone to a portable hard drive, where it stores its multimedia files. So on the one hand he has his favorite songs and clips with you and she can show friends, on the other hand he has at hand, thus backup copies of files if the computer’s hard drive broken goes. Conversely the corresponding folder on the computer but also serves as a location for all the files that you wear on iPhone and iPod with him. If one is lost by two, is a backup at hand also. In addition to the previously mentioned tools Xilisoft has also associated his iPhone Ringtone Maker on the latest. The software creates ring tones, for example, from song snippets and transfers it to the iPhone. There, you can then assign different songs to different callers, and the music tell who is calling. Thanks to the software update, this works without any problems with the new iPhone. More information about the iPhone and Xilisoft iPod tools can be found here: software.html ipod 1… million_iphones_3g… 2… / cb-tests Mobile Apple-iPhone-3G.. For more information, see about Xilisoft Corporation Xilisoft is a professional developer of digital video, audio, conversion and burning software. From China, the company sells its products worldwide via the Internet. The Xilisoft Corporation provides users with complete multimedia solutions and meets the different needs of numerous video and audio enthusiasts. The range of software by Xilisoft therefore consists of a wide range of video -, audio -, conversion and burning tools.