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In the context of energy interests of the European Union considered the recent improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia. Rapprochement between the two countries, according to commentators, could serve as a positive example for Armenia and Azerbaijan an impetus to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh. The settlement of the Karabakh conflict is again seen as an important element in creating a network of reliable transit routes for the transfer of Central Asian gas to Europe, bypassing Russia. In the German media are still experiencing increased interest in the political situation in Georgia, which is reflected in numerous comments to the topic. Widely discussed and the reaction of the Russian Federation to NATO exercises in Georgia. Certain materials on the situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are confined to specific activities: the fifth round of Geneva discussions on security in the Caucasus and assigned to the May 31 parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, the results which the West did not recognize. The key themes of media appearances in France over the situation in the Caucasus began in May, NATO military exercises in Georgia, the Georgian military rebellion the military base and launching of the "Eastern Partnership" involving the strengthening of the EU including the South Caucasus countries. Covering the NATO military exercises in Georgia, many media give views of Moscow, which calls these exercises provocation.

Some publications believe that this is indeed the case. We give an expert opinion that Russia considers the dangerous combination of a NATO-Georgia in any form. Insurgency war in Georgia has become the number one topic in the French media materials on the Caucasus subject in May. First edition emphasized the fact that the mutiny was informed the Georgian authorities, then began to write about the rebellion as an event whose reality is not questioned. Distributed by the thesis that the rebellion advantageous for Russia. On the one hand, argues that the West, many believe Saakashvili insane, on the other side of Le Figaro consistently proves why the thesis about the beneficial mental illness Saakashvili Moscow.

The Kremlin says the president of Georgia is a psychiatric patient, and even said that Georgia should be sent no soldiers, and nurses. Program "Eastern Partnership", launched at the EU summit in Prague French media say the majority of late in part because that Georgia is still recovering from armed conflict with Russia. In May, the Caucasus topic attracts the attention of the Spanish press in connection with the mutiny in Mukhrovani teachings of the Georgia-NATO, signing the agreement on the protection of Russia borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Continues in the media analysis of the situation in the Chechen Republic in connection with the abolition of the CTO regime. The most popular Information occasion of the month was the holding of NATO exercises in Georgia, which the Chinese print media paid attention. Experts do not conceal their concern over the growing contradictions between Moscow and Tbilisi and make the following conclusion: short-sighted policy of the West, on the one hand, has a destructive impact on the emerging progress in Russian-US relations, on the other – indicates that NATO is playing Georgia map to weaken Moscow's influence in the Caucasus and secure control of Western countries for energy resources in the region. Other press materials in varying degrees, analyze general trends in Russian-Georgian relations, as well as focusing on the speeches of the opposition in Georgia, suggesting that official Tbilisi will follow the recommendations of the West and try to compromise only to In order to dull the vigilance of political opponents of Saakashvili.