Encyclopedia Of Polish Noble Coat Of Arms And Family

The Polish noble families of the coat of arms thanks to off. This article contains all important information about the coat of arms of thanks from and whose coat of arms of comrades, from the beginnings of the coat of arms off thanks to modern times, whose emergence, development and description. It designates the noble Polish families, their origin and occur partly in German, partly in Polish language. This is treated Polish coat of arms, which is known from the time of the Piast dynasty and the Jagiellonian up to 1500, up to the present time. It was taken care that the Gothic presentation or illustration of the coat of arms thanks preferred, since also the coat of arms is sometimes modified in the course of time. The spellings of some noble Polish names may have changed several times over the course of time. This applies in particular to the families later in the German nobility were recording.

The diacritics found not always recording in German orthography. The Polish alphabet contains more characters than the German alphabet through the various diacritics. It would have been of course historically correct, perform the noble families in accordance with the order and position of the letters in the Polish alphabet. This however would have led to the difficulty that you would need to use Polish and German alphabets in the letter order of both alphabets, for example but what if the capture of the Namenregisters due to the value of the letter would have led to problems. So the book first and foremost to the order or sequence of letters of the German alphabet has been established, what does not detract from its content and validity but, as also the correct Polish spelling follows on each side of the German spelling of the Polish name, if this is at all necessary, due to the often same notation at the Deutsche as well Polish.