UNIVERSITY TIRADENTES CENTER OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH BARBOSA. OF. Chief Justice Roberts pursues this goal as well. S; RASP, L.B; CROSS, B.S; QUEIROZ. THE F & BRITO, P. The book ' ' Seven palmos of land and one caixo' ' in its first chapter (the Reinvidicao of Deceased) it tells as it was the life of Firmino Joo, who was living of the Galilia Device. It was responsible for the foundation of the first League of the Peasants, that had as objective the respect of the integrity of the deceased, this because it, next to its friends, questioned on the suffered life that they had in the device and that the least in the death the person had the right to have at least seven palmos of land and a coffin, therefore was there that he would go to pass its eternity from there and that they would go for the judgment end, since at that one time the people deceased were placed in embedded holes and. To lead this League they had called you devices, what much time did not last, therefore you of device capsize that it was not convenient to fight for the peasants and to be against the masters, therefore had started to help its employers to order all even so those that participated of these Leagues, leaving them without ceiling and food.

Had this problem, the peasants turn the necessity to look a lawyer, that at the time the law work was only very expensive, but they had discovered Francisco Julio, modest lawyer who started to help them in this mission. With this aid the information of the fights peasants had started if to spread, and had been forming several other nuclei of Leagues of the Peasants, giving each time more force the defended ideas. This ideology was spread by the country and was at this moment that the United States since then redescobriram the Northeast already forgotten, that of this time it was only seen as a revolutionary country, this because of a simple humanitarian fight for a land piece and a coffin.