Copenhagen Summit

But there were conflicting views with respect to how good were these news. Journalist Gregg Easterbrook environmental issues reported in The New Yorker magazine that environmental laws together with the enormous variety of private efforts encouraged by the environmental awareness have had impressive success regulations on the environment, far from being cumbersome and expensive, have proven to be extraordinarily effective, have cost less than anticipated and strengthenednot weakened, the economies of the countries that have implemented them. In the year 2009 the theme of the Earth Day was the Green generation. EDN summoned to be an active part of this environmental network. In 2010 will celebrate the 40 years, and there are several issues including climate change.

The ultimate goal is to someday celebrate the earth day, every day of the year. It is known also, that in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is underway the World Conference on climate change and rights of mother earth. This historical fact is very important for indigenous peoples because our struggle does not have another goal that the preservation and conservation of nature, said Mapuradio.La world people’s Conference on climate change and the rights of mother earth, driven by Evo Morales after the failure of the Copenhagen Summit, develops these days in Cochabamba with the participation of thousands of people who rely on outline an alternative strategy in the fight against the global warming, which includes a climate Justice Tribunal. Since the inauguration of the event, which ends today, Morales denounced the historical debt of capitalism with mother earth, ‘ we only have two paths: Pachamama (mother earth, Aymara) or death. Capitalism dies or dies the mother earth. Vive capitalism or live mother earth. So forceful was expressed the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, during the inauguration of the World Conference in Tiquipaya with the participation of indigenous peoples and social movements. He denounced the historical debt of capitalism with global warming and noted that indigenous peoples would be those who show how to save mother earth, according to Azkintuwe.