Cidados Classroom

As example, powers as the legislative one, in its great part have not conquered the rights, but removed to each day, therefore they are submitted if vendendo each time more to who it executes, thus acting infidels with its function to fiscalize the executive. Therefore it is of vital importance and necessity that the great majority, the diligent classroom, constructs its proper legal landmarks, a new To be able, the Popular Power, is basic that it has an organization of the classroom for the rise of the mobilization capacity. Yes, if awareness and union if to make allied gifts and will have capacity of change and fight for equality, justice and social inclusion. The claims of the people need to reach the gratuitous electoral schedule, breaking the impediments of a great servile media to the dominant interests. She is necessary to call the vote against the governmental and capitalist system that dominates alienia and excludes, must be used the space of the medias making a propaganda against this different reality, denouncing those that steal the rights of the citizens. When one denounces the legal barriers and politics of the classroom that it dominates and it explores, denounces what is missed, thus proceeding will have an immense profit of felt for the life, becoming with this the citizen each more authentic time and of character. However they exist ‘ ‘ citizens and Cidados’ ‘. Unhappyly the problem the one that if comes across is still bigger of what almost the incapacity of many to perceive that ‘ ‘ politicians and Polticos’ exist; ‘. One believes that the minimum guiding of the problem pass for the following questions: ‘ ‘ that type of citizen you is? ‘ ‘ E, ‘ ‘ that type of representative wait for the public interest?