China Population

In contrast to pharmaceutical giants to increase sales in developing countries will increase to 51%. Among the latter, it is worth noting Brazil India, Turkey, China, Mexico, Korea and Russia. This so-called developing countries are the first level. Another 21 countries coming on the heels of nouveau-leaders. However, while it is projected that its annual sales volume will be only 6% of the total market.

Total to developing countries include 28 States, the total number of population which is 45% of the total population. That these states are likely to form a new vector Development farmarynka XXI century. Among emerging markets worth special mention China and India (the reasons for their active development has already been mentioned above), and Venezuela. It was the last country in the near future will be a leader Latin America in terms of sales. Thus, experts believe that sales of this country in 2009 will grow by a third. The reason for this boom is the rapid population growth, as well as common here hypercholesteremia, which allowed actively to sell some analgesics and inhibitors of specific enzymes. But the Venezuelan government holds back the country's development in this direction have implemented laws that restrict the rights of entrepreneurs.

Another feature of the pharmaceutical market is the growth of production and marketing of generic drugs. This class of drugs now dominates the emerging markets. As mentioned above, sales growth of developed countries will be significantly less than in previous years. For example, in U.S. experts predict he will be around 1% in Europe – 3-4% in Japan – up to 5%.